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Australian POW Books
The advance of the Japanese during WW2 was fast and brutal. Singapore and the Pacific Islands were defended by thousands of Australians. In the first three months of 1942, the major locations that were surrendered included Malaya, Singapore, Java, Ambon, Timor and Rabaul. As these places were surrendered to the Japanese more than 22,000 Australians became prisoners of war.
In the early part of WW2, the soldiers did not realise that the Japanese would treat POWs so harshly. The Japanese seen the POWs as sub human and exploited the soldiers as forced slave labour.
The treatment become more severe as the war continued. It was just not the forced labour which made POW life difficult but the cruel torture, including food and medical deprivation.
In many POW camps like Sandakan the Japanese wanted to cover up earlier war crimes by killing all POW witnesses. They then devised the horrendous Death Marches.
Over 8000 Australian POWs died in captivity.
These POW books examine how Australians went into captivity, how they endured, how so many lost their lives and the war crime trials after WW2 .