WWII - Victory In The Pacific Limited Edition 70th DVD Collection

WWII - Victory In The Pacific Limited Edition 70th DVD Collection

WWII - Victory In The Pacific Limited Edition 70th Anniversary Commemorative Gift Set
10x DVD Discs - Duration 15 Hours

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This program is a collection of History Channel's military documentaries connected with the Pacific war during WWII. All of these have been released previously under these respective names. If you have not already purchased you'll find this collection very cheap at roughly $3.50 per disc. Duration is a massive running time of 15 hours
The collection includes the following,

World War II 360 episodes;
1: Call to Duty
2. Vengeance at Midway
3. Jaws of the Enemy
4. Bloody Santa Cruz
5. Enterprise Versus Japan
6. The Grey Ghost
7. Hammer of Hell
8. D-Day in the Pacific
9. Battle of Leyte Gulf
10. The Emperor's Last Stand
11. and bonus features

The Pacific: The Most Famous Battles ' All Episodes.

Experience the bloodiest battles of the Pacific Theatre as History examines the personalities, weapons, firepower, tactics and leadership that shaped the course of the war.

At Guadalcanal, where U.S. forces encountered Japanese troops in their first major ground engagement, the Allies successfully employed combined arms tactics, setting the tone for future campaigns in the theatre.

Iwo Jima, famous for its indelible image of victorious U.S. Marines hoisting 'Old Glory' over Mount Suribachi, was one of the most intense battles of the war, as entrenched Japanese troops valiantly fought to the death. Finally, Okinawa provides a testament to the futility of war, as ragged Japanese defenders resorted to suicide attacks in an attempt to halt the Allies' unstoppable march towards Japan's home islands, in what would be the final battle of the war..

Also included is the true story of Eugene B. Sledge in Sledgehammer: Old Breed Marine, whose personal memoirs inspired Steven Spielberg's epic television series The Pacific.
Disc 1: Guadalcanal
Disc 2: Iowa Jima
Disc 3: Okinawa : the last battle of WWII
Disc 4: Sledgehammer old breed marne : the true story of Eugene B. Sledge's Pacific War - Experiences portrayed in the mini series Pacific.

D Days in the Pacific all episodes:
1. Death at the Tide Line
2. Closing the Jaws
3. The Final Graveyard

Mail Call War in the Pacific - single documentary
V-J Day The Day That Changed the World - single documentary

  • Special note: All our DVD are brand new, supplied in factory plastic seal. Our DVD are all sourced from Australian Distributor. Made professionally!
  • Publication Date: 2015
  • DVD Special Features: Several Special Features about the movie
  • DVD Information: Australian Region 4
  • DVD Duration Time minutes: 15 hours - 10x DVD discs

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