The Gallipoli Story by Patrick Carlyon Secondary School

The Gallipoli Story by Patrick Carlyon Secondary School

The Gallipoli Story by Patrick Carlyon  - Used Book condition as new

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The Gallipoli Story by Patrick Carlyon

The men were huddled in lifeboats. Some prayed that their legs would work. Some smiled to show they weren't scared. They peered into the darkness ahead and saw nothing.

Then, the dark shape of a man standing on a hill. A shout from the shore. A single shot rang out and a bullet hissed overhead.

The Gallipoli campaign had begun

Anzac soldiers fought on Turkish soil nearly a century ago. So why do we still care about what happened there? Why do we celebrate a battle lost?

The Gallipoli Story takes young people on an unforgettable and tough journey deep into the heartland of war. Patrick Carlyon digs past the myths to explore the lives and choices of the men - soldiers, politicians and generals alike - who found themselves caught up in a battle fought far from home.

A powerful piece of storytelling that brings history to life - and shows us the human faces behind the grand story.

  • Weight in grams: 234
  • Used Book YES
  • Total Pages: 204
  • Publication Date: 2003 1st edition
  • Dimensions in mm : 130 x 200 x 18
  • Cover Soft (SB) or Hardback (HB): SB - Printed cardback
  • Book Condition: used book - minor age toning to pages flat crease on cover o/w near new

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