DAY WE WON THE WAR Turning Point At Amiens 8 August 1918

DAY WE WON THE WAR Turning Point At Amiens 8 August 1918

DAY WE WON THE WAR Turning Point At Amiens 8 August 1918 by C. Messenger

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Scrupulously researched this military book "The Day We Won the War” tells the story of this battle from the perspective of all of the participants - British, French, Australian, Canadian, American and German. What especially appeals about this book is its even-handed and balanced approach as it follows the actions of all of the Allied formations involved: the British Fourth Army comprising the British III Corps (which included the US 131st Regiment), and the Cavalry, Australian and Canadian Corps and the attached tank, armoured car and RAF units, and the French First Army comprising the II Cavalry and IX, X and XXXI Corps. Messenger demonstrates what a truly multi-national and all arms battle it really was, with the contributions of the RAF, tanks, armoured cars and gunners being vividly portrayed in their support of the infantry. This book is easy to read and Messenger gets the right balance between the operational and tactical level narrative together with quotes from the participants themselves that bring the whole action to life.

8 August 1918 was the most decisive day of the Great War: the British attack at Amiens which broke clean through the German defences. In earlier offensives, a gain of a few hundred yards counted as a 'victory', but this time our troops advanced seven miles in a day. German commander-in-chief General Ludendorff called it the 'Black Day' of the German Army. The long agony on the Western Front was nearly over.
Spearheaded by tanks and armoured cars and supported by the RAF, the attack was led by the Australian and Canadian Corps, with British and French troops on the flanks. Elaborate deception measures were employed to ensure surprise. The first day's ambitious objectives were achieved: armoured cars raced deep enough into the German defences to shoot up a corps headquarters. The operation bore many of the hallmarks of the German Blitzkrieg of twenty years later. This book seeks to show how the attack was conceived, the preparations, and the actual assault itself, as well as what happened on the subsequent days and how Amiens paved the way for the final victorious Allied advance. It draws on both primary and secondary sources, as well as eyewitness accounts and recreates the atmosphere of the time.
The book also examines the tactics employed, showing how sophisticated for their time they had become, as well as the weaponry used. In addition, it gauges the character of the Australian, British, Canadian, French and German troops who took part. 
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