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Australian Military books relating to the History of the Battle - Battlefield Archaeology - Then and Now. Australian War Books about the Battles of Bardia, Siege of Tobruk, El Alamein, Kokoda, Buna, Gona, Sanananda Battle of the Bismarck Sea. Battle of Britain Books please refer to the RAAF WW2 military book category.


  • Tobruk & North Africa
    <p>Siege of Tobruk 1941-42 Other North African Campaigns : El Alamein, Bardia, Tobruk Both Capture &amp; Siege, Benghazi, Derna, Beda Fomm.</p>
  • New Guinea Kokoda Gona Milne Bay Pacific Islands
    <p>Battle Of Kokoda Track - The Battle took place in NEW GUINEA during 1942. The Kokoda Trail fighting was some of the most vicious fought by Australian troops in WW2. The successful capture by Japanese Forces of Port Moresby may have led to an invasion of Australia. Victory on the Kokoda Trail did ensure that the Japanese, would not be a invasion threat or allow Japanese air attacks on Australian Mainland . 625 Australians were killed along the Kokoda Trail and over 1,600 were wounded. War Books about the Kokoda Track have a huge demand from the ever increasing trek visitors each year to the old battlefields.</p>
  • Darwin Broome Battle Attacks
    <p>Australian War Books about Darwin Northern Territory attacks and defense during WW2. Darwin was attacked by 242 Japanese aircraft on the morning of 19 February 1942. 235 people were killed during the attack.</p>
  • Battle of Singapore and Malaya
    <p>Battle of Singapore and Malaya during WW2. Australia 8th Division had a substantial role in the defence of Singapore.</p>
  • Other Australian Battles WW2
    <p>Australian Battles of Crete Greece Malaya Singapore - Military Books</p>