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Australian Vietnam War Books 1962 - 1972 One of the most contentious conflicts of the bloody 20th century, the Vietnam War has been well documented by military historians. Australia played a large part in the war, sending more than 55,000 troops before the Labor Government bought involvement to an end in 1972. 521 Australians were killed during the War with 3129 Australian Army personnel being wounded. 15,381 conscripted national servicemen (Nasho) served from 1965 to 1972. Books on War has a large range of battle and unit histories about the Vietnam War, as well as a large selection of soldier biographies. Get started by browsing the categories below.


  • Battles Vietnam History - Australian
    <p>Australian Vietnam War Book, Many of these war books cover the major Australian Vietnam Battles of Long Tan, Coral and Balmoral, Tet Offensive , Australian Army Vietnam Battle War History Books.</p>
  • Vietnam Battalion RAR Unit Histories
    <p>Australian Vietnam War Books Australian Army Battalion RAR Histories, Australian Navy and RAAF Unit Histories Vietnam War History Books. There has been a large increase in interest for Battalion Unit Regimental History Books of Australian Military involvement in the Vietnam War.</p>
  • RAAF During Vietnam War
    <p>RAAF During Vietnam War</p>
  • Australian Navy During the Vietnam War
    <p>Royal Australian Navy Ships, Units and Men during the Vietnam War period. Also included are books about the HMAS Voyager and HMAS Melbourne Collision which happened on the 10 February 1964.</p>
  • Digger Diary / Stories / Biographies
    <p>Vietnam War Books and Media written by or about the Australian Army Vietnam Digger - Diary, Battalion Histories, Experiences of Aussie Diggers during the Vietnam War....</p>
  • Official History Vietnam War
    <p>The Official History of Australia's Involvement in South East Asian Conflicts - Malaya Emergency and the Vietnam War are covered.</p>
  • Anniversary Vietnam War Book
    <p>Vietnam War Anniversary Commemoration Books, August 18th of each year is Vietnam Veterans Day. This day is the anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan which took place in 1966. Battle of Long Tan was the most significant Battle for the Australian Army in Vietnam. 18 Australian Army Soldiers lost their lives in the action. Vietnam Veterans’ Day is now commemorated throughout Australia, remembering the sacrifices made by our men and women in the Vietnam War conflict</p>
  • Travel Vietnam
    <p>Books About Visiting Vietnam, battlefields, museums and other military destinations.</p>
  • Vietnam War Photos Art Propaganda Posters
    <p>The Vietnam War was historically documented like no other war before. This was the first war where television brought the frontline to homes thousands of miles away. The battles being fought could be followed daily,With such a vast amount of media information, opinions were formed and influenced the course of the war. In America and Australia antiwar protesters were quickly able to organise rallies to support their cause. Interestingly, on the North Vietnamese side the propaganda methods used were akin to those used in Western Countries during the First World War. Propaganda posters were easily made using rice paper. These posters put forward the idea and the necessity that the common villager could influence the war in the favour of the Ho Chi Minh cause. Over the last 20 years, numerous documentaries have been made about the Vietnam War and indeed even the individual battles. Most of these Vietnam War docos are available in DVD format.</p>
  • Vietnam War Weapons
    <p>Vietnam War Weapons</p>
  • American Vietnam War Books
    <p>Collection of Vietnam War Books published in USA</p>

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