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  • Campaign Series
    <p>Osprey Books Campaign Series</p>
  • Combat Aircraft Series
    <p>Combat Aircraft Osprey Series are renowned for their illustrative and historical narrative about the aircraft and battles.</p>
  • New Naval Vanguard Series
    <p>This Osprey Series records the Naval Ships mainly of WW1 and WW2</p>
  • Past and Present
    <p>Casemate Publisher's series Past &amp; Present reconstructs battles and operations comparing then and now photography from the near or same positions. Thus providing a valuable assistance to the battlefield visitor - linking the monuments and remaining relics to the then battlefield.</p>
  • Warrior and Men At Arms
    <p>Osprey Warrior and Men At Arms Series are popular due to the specially commissioned artwork, maps and diagrams, these osprey series books are an unrivaled illustrated reference on the history, organisation, uniforms and equipment of the world's military men and forces. Osprey books are an ideal reference resource for re-enactors, military history enthusiasts, model makers and wargamers.</p>
  • Osprey Duel
    <p>Osprey Duel - The series is packed with illustrations and contemporary photographs, this engrossing book's narrative details the design, tactics, and operational records between two adversaries.</p>
  • Air Campaign Series - Osprey - In Australia
    <p>How history's greatest air wars were planned and fought, and explaining why they were won or lost.</p>
  • Raid Series - Osprey Books
    <p>Raid Series - detailed analysis books of the greatest raids in military history.</p>
  • Military History
    <p>Military History Books by Osprey Publishing</p>

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