Australian WW1 Books - Australia was heavily involved in the Great War conflict, from the initial 1914 Battle for New Guinea (ANMEF) through to sending a delegation to the peace talks in France . More than 300,000 Australian men and women served overseas throughout the course of World War One, including at such well-known Battles as Gallipoli, Western Front,and the many battles of the Light Horse in the Middle East. We’ve made browsing the collection easy by splitting it up into subcategories. If you’re looking for a particular book not listed, please contact us.


  • Battalion Military History Books
    <p>Whether you’re interested in a particular battle or battalion, or researching a family ancestor, battalion histories provide a wealth of primary and secondary information. We have a selection of First World War Australian AIF Infantry Unit Battalion and Regimental Unit histories, covering the majority of the conflicts and battles. If you’re looking for information on a particular battalion or regiment and are unable to find it, please contact us.</p>
  • Australian Light Horse 1914-1919 History
    <p>Light Horse Regiment Books As part of our Australian regimental book collections, we have a selection of books on the Australian Light Horse regiments that served during the Second Boer War and First World War. In addition to official histories of the regiments, we have biographies of those who served, providing a personal look at the various campaigns throughout South Africa, the Sinai, and Palestine. Full details of the books are available on their listings, including the condition in the case of second hand items. Should you need more information or be unable to find the particular book you’re looking for please contact us.</p>
  • Australian Flying Corps - AFC
    <p>Military Histories of Australian Flying Corps AFC - Australians in the Royal Flying Corps RFC - Battalion History Military Books</p>
  • Australian Navy WWI 1914-1920
    <p>RAN Royal Australian Navy WW1 Books and other Media The greatest military feat undertaken by the Australian Navy in World War One was the sinking of the German warship Emden by HMAS Sydney on the 8th November 1914. The Sydney was never again too fire her guns against a surface enemy. During the 1915 Gallipoli Campaign the Australian RAN submarine AE2 made a bold attack against Turkish Naval Forces in the Dardanelles</p>
  • Battle Histories
    <p>History of the WWI Battle - Battlefield Archaeology - Then and Now - Weapons Used (Tanks Artillery Guns), Battalion History of Battles</p>
  • Digger Diary / Stories / Biographies
    <p>Histories or Stories by or about those 'Who Where There' - Military Digger Battalion History MILITARY BOOKS</p>
  • Other Country Battalion History
    <p>Battalion or Unit Histories of other Countries but relating to Australian Operations...</p>
  • Other Australian Military Books on World War One
    <p>Military Bookstore selling World War One. Most of the war books in this category relate to Australian civil history during WW1.</p>
  • Medals Badges Uniforms 1914-18
    <p>Books about WW1 Medals Badges Uniforms 1914-18</p>
  • School Education Anzac Day WWI Books
    <p>Childrens School education Anzac Day Books. A for ANZAC , Simpson &amp; Duffy , Whalers Go to War, Light Horse MILITARY THEME SCHOOL BOOKS</p>
  • World War One Paintings - Posters - Art
    <p>During World War I to convey a patriotic or public notice to the people the use of posters and artwork were commonly used. One hundred years ago photography,was not widely available, it was expensive and could not be cheaply replicated for mass distribution. Thus in WW1 posters were used for advertising, these would be glued to noticeboards which were located throughout the community. Sometimes posters were highly decorative artwork painted by well-known accomplished artists. Government enlistment posters were examples of highly coloured art which carried a patriotic theme for men to join their mates on the Western Front.</p>