Crossroad Story Bio Mark Donaldson VC Afghanistan War

The Crossroad Military Book Bio Mark Donaldson SAS Afghanistan War


The Crossroad A Story of Life, Death and the SASby M.Donaldson : new book

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SAS THe Crossroads Donaldson VC


SAS Trooper Donaldson was awarded the Victoria Cross for feats of gallantry performed on the 2 September 2008. He was a member of Australian Army's elite Special Air Service Regiment patrolling in an eastern Afghanistan valley during Operation Slipper which was part of the Battle of Khaz Oruzgan . During an attack he exposed himself to the enemy in order to protect injured troops and then under direct enemy fire rescued an interpreter.

Australian SAS Trooper Mark Donaldson become the first soldier to be awarded the Victoria Cross for Australia.  He was the first to be awarded our highest bravery distinction since Kieth Payne in 1969. 
This is Donaldson's autobiography of his life but concentrates on his military career. Especially during the Afghanistan War and the deeds performed by him on the 2nd September 2008 which earned him the VC.

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