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5th Light Horse Diary History The Desert Column Idriess book

5th Light Horse Diary History The Desert Column Idriess


The Desert Column by Ion Idriess

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The Desert Column ' by Ion (Jack) L. Idriess .

This is the war diary of Idriess.

First published in 1932 and this is the soft cover edition printed in 2017 for the Beersheba 100th Anniversary.

Idriess was an original member of the 5th Light Horse, (AIF) Australian Imperial Force during WW1.

A sniping specialist, he worked on Gallipoli with the 'Gallipoli Assassin' Billy Sing. Idriess was eventually wounded on Gallipoli, but rejoined the 5th Light Horse Regiment to witness the famous Charge at Beersheba, and was once again wounded at the Battle of Gaza. This time he was invalided back to Australia in March 1918.

He published his diary and experiences in this highly sought after book.

His military sniping experience was very respected and he wrote for the Australian Army a series of pamphlets on sniping and guerilla warfare for WW2 training.

A prolific writer, he become one of Australia's best selling authors.

He died in June 1979.

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