Official Australian History Benghazi Tobruk Nth Africa War

Benghazi Tobruk Nth Africa War Official Australian History 1939 - 45


Australia in the War 1939-45 To Benghazi ' by G Long - used book


This military history book is Volume 1 Army Series 1 of the Official Australian Army's History of WW2 published by the Australian War Memorial.
'To Benghazi' by G. Long. First published 1952 and this is the 1986 edition. This volume follows the 1938-1941 History of the second AIF through Bardia, Benghazi capture Tobruk. Fully indexed, 30 printed photos and 30+ maps &. It is interesting to note these Official History of Australia in World War 2 was as a result of representations of C.E.W. Bean. The provisional plan was approved by the War Cabinet in 1943.

- importantly this is the volume with colour AIF unit patches ID - see pic

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Book Condition:
used book: 1986 edition dust jacket slight wear otherwise near new
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Dimensions in mm :
160 x 240 x 35
Used Book
Hard Boards without Dust Jacket
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Nominal Roll ? :-
no - but has extensive personal names of soldiers and their operations throughout text.

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