Pictorial History of the 2/ 43rd Australian Infantry Battalion 9th Division

Pictorial History of the 2/ 43rd Infantry Battalion 9th Division


Desert Sand and Jungle Green: A Pictorial History of the 2/43rd Australian Infantry Battalion (Ninth Division) in the Second World War 1939-1945 by G Boss-Walker

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Profusely illustrated with 466 photographs  (five full-page), many named group pics, maps of battlefields. The 43rd Battalion was part of the Ninth Division Second AIF World War II. The 43rd Battalion was formed on 17 July 1940 at South Australia's Woodside camp.

It arrived in Egypt in January 1941. In early 1941 the Ninth Division advanced to Libya and garrisoned in an area east of Tobruk. After German Afrika Corps counterattacks the Division garrisoned in Tobruk. The Battalion was withdrawn during the Siege of Tobruk and returned to Palestine and Syria.

It then took part in the El Alamein campaign.

Later the Battalion was recalled to defend Australia from the Japanese onslaught. In the Pacific theater the Battalion saw service New Guinea around Lae and Borneo.
This book has an Chronological narrative of the battalion's operations but is sought after for its vast amount of photographs.

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