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History Australian Signals Intelligence New Book

Revealing Secrets History Australian Signals Intelligence New Book

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Revealing Secrets History of Australian Signals Intelligence and the Avent of Cyber by J Blaxland & C Birgin
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For a long time, the Australian Signals intelligence (or Sigint) story has been kept secret. Until now…

Why does Australia have a national signals intelligence agency? What does it do and why is it controversial? And how significant are its ties with key partners, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand, to this arrangement?

This book Revealing Secrets is a compelling history of Australian Signals intelligence, its efforts at revealing the secrets of other nations, and keeping ours safe. The book covers from the earliest existence of intelligence gathering back in pre-federation times.  It brings to light those clever Australians whose efforts were for so long entirely unknown or overlooked. The authors, Blaxland and Birgin traverse the Boer War, WW1, WW2 and the royal commissions, reviews that shaped Australia’s intelligence community in the 20th century and consider the advent and the impact of cyber. In unearthing this integral, if hidden and little understood, part of Australian statecraft, this book increases our understanding of the past, present and what lies ahead.

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