ustralia's Vietnam  Myth vs History by Mark Dapin

Australia's Vietnam Myth vs History by Mark Dapin


Australia's Vietnam  Myth vs History by Mark Dapin

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Why everything you think you know about Australia’s Vietnam War is wrong

When Mark Dapin first interviewed Vietnam veterans and wrote about the war, he swallowed (and regurgitated) every misconception. He wasn’t alone. In Australia's Vietnam, Dapin reveals that every stage of Australia’s commitment to the Vietnam War has been misunderstood, misinterpreted and shrouded in myth.

From army claims that every national serviceman was a volunteer; and the level of atrocities committed by Australian troops; to the belief there were no welcome home parades until the late 1980s and returned soldiers were met by angry protesters.

Australia's Vietnam is a major contribution to the understanding of Australia’s experience of the war and will change the way we think about memory and military history.

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April 2019
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234 x 153 x 20
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Soft Cover

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