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All Guts and No Glory: the Story of a Long Tan Warrior Buick

All Guts and No Glory: the Story of a Long Tan Warrior


All Guts and No Glory by B Buick with G. McKay new book

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All Guts & No Glory

This war book is the history of Australians During Battle of Long Tan Vietnam War .

Platoon Sergeant Bob Buick - decorated with the Military Medal for bravery for his actions during the Battle of Long Tan - tells in vivid and enthralling detail the story of his tour of Vietnam. He was Platoon Sergeant 11th Platoon, Delta Company 6th Battalion RAR present at the Battle of Long Tan 18th August 1966. The most famous battle involving Australian Diggers in the Vietnam War, in which thirteen of Buick's men were killed and the remainder survived against overwhelming odds. Buick was decorated with the Military Medal for Bravery for his actions at LongTan.

All Guts and No Glory is a no-pulled-punches account, covering all the major actions Buick's platoon encountered. It brings to life the frustrating, gut-wrenching and sorrowful experience of those who served as infantry warriors in Vietnam, only to come home to an apathetic and sometimes hostile public. This is a poignant reminder of what combat, infantry soldiering and the Viet Nam war was all about. All Guts and No Glory also debunks the myths, lies and legends of the Long Tan Battle.

Bob Buick has collaborated with one of Australia's best-known authors of the Vietnam era, Gary McKay, MC, himself a Viet Nam veteran and infantryman, to write this first-hand description of the Long Tan Battle and other operations against the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Army.
Appendixs of Nominal Roll of all Diggers at the Battle Long Tan in company order , Casualties, Honours and Awards complete this book. - 

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