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 Mortain 1944


A highly illustrated study of Operation Lüttich, the German Panzer counteroffensive against the Normandy bridgehead in August 1944 that backfired, leading to a collapse of the German position in northern France.

Fully illustrated with stunning full-color artwork, this book tells the story of Operation Lüttich, the failed offensive which ended any prospect of Germany winning the battle of Normandy.

Following the successful landings in Normandy on D-Day and consolidation during Operation Cobra, the Wehrmacht was ordered to begin a counteroffensive named Operation Lüttich.

The plan was to send a large Panzer force across the First US Army sector, cutting off its spearheads, and finally reach Avranches on the coast. Had this succeeded, it not only would have cut off the First US Army spearheads, but also Patton's newly deployed Third US Army operating in Brittany. However, thanks to an intercepted radio message, the Allies were well-prepared for the offensive and not only repelled the oncoming panzers, but went on a counterattack that would lead to a whole German army becoming encircled in the Falaise Pocket.

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