General Monash WW1 Biography by G Serle

General Monash WW1 Biography by G Serle


John Monash A Biography ' by G Serle

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John Monash A Biography ' by G Serle.

Follows Monash's life through peace and war. However, much of the large book is devoted to his WW1 career.
The year 1918 was a great period of success for the five divisions of the newly formed ‘Australian Corps’. From May 1918, they had been under the command of an Australian, Lieutenant General John Monash. Monash was knighted at his headquarters at the Chateau de Bertangles after the British success at the Battle of Amiens in August 1918, and he later wrote this influential book on his experiences. The major victories are listed as Defence of Amiens Dernancourt Villers-Bretonneux Battle of Hamel Battle of Mont St Quentin Battle of Hindenburg Line Mountbrehain.

In June 1918 he was promoted to Lieutenant-General and appointed to command the Australian Corps in France. He led his Australians through a series of victorious actions until the end of the war. He is the greatest soldier Australia has ever bred and at the time was regarded as a military tactical genius. At no time before or after WW1 has Australia ever held such prominence or power on the world stage as it did by the end of WW1

We thank Monash and the AIF for this achievement -may their memory not be forgotten.
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