Animal Allies mainly of the Australian Army WW1 WW2 + book

Animal Allies mainly of the Australian Army WW1 WW2 +


Animal Allies by R Pearson : new book

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Animals in Australian Military



Much has been written on the hardships suffered by men and women  serving their country but the trials, tribulations and idiosyncrasies of the animals that served with them have not received a great deal of consideration - particularly in the case of the Australian forces.

This book covers from Simpson and his donkey to the charge at Beersheba, from porpoises used in the Gulf War to Hannibal and his elephants, from booby trapped rats to bomb-carrying bats.  Part two covers the mascots of the Australian forces including: 3RAR, 4 RAR, 5 RAR, 6 RAR, 7 RAR, 8 RAR, 9 RAR and many RAAF Squadrons and RAN ships.    The names Bobby Tobruk, Bushranger, Corporal Anzac, Horrie The Wog Dog, Larry the Lobster, Murphy, Paratus, Quintus Secundus, Septimus, The Bitch, Trooper Courage,

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