Return of Gallipoli Legend Jacka VC
  • Return of Gallipoli Legend Jacka VC

Return of Gallipoli Legend Jacka VC

Return of the Gallipoli Legend by M.Lawriwsky
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A hero returns home to a country that is riding high on victory and bolstered with pride. But anyone who has experienced war knows it can never be left behind.
Return of the Gallipoli Legend continues the story of Albert Jacka VC – soldier, legend and friend.
In this meticulously researched account of a hero and his comrades-in-arms, Michael Lawriwsky explores the human cost of war.
Coming home is bittersweet and the memories and experiences of war are never forgotten, irrevocably changing the world view of the soldiers who returned to a nation on the brink of The Great Depression.
It is through the eyes of Albert Jacka VC that we catch a glimpse of how survival away from the trenches becomes an emotional battle on the home front.
Michael Lawriwsky vividly describes the baptism of fire Australia’s young soldiers faced when they were called upon to sacrifice all for King and Country on the battlegrounds of Gallipoli, the Somme, Bullecourt and Polygon Wood.
The price paid by the soldiers and their families is one that will echo through generations.

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