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The Unknown Anzacs by M. Caulfield

The Unknown Anzacs by M. Caulfield

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The Unknown Anzacs by M. Caulfield - New Book soft cover edition

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The author Michael Caulfield has put together a collection of excerpts from various diaries written by World War I Australian veterans. Some the authors you may know of for example Archie Barwick and Ellis Silas.
In the Mitchell Library in Sydney is a unique collection of their diaries nearly a thousand of them. Some written by those who came back, and some by those who didn t make it ...
From Gallipoli to the Western Front, from the mud and blood of Flanders to the brothels of Cairo, Michael Caulfield weaves these stories together in an unforgettable portrait of a young country at war.

This is the Anzac story as you ve never read it before graphic, emotional and inspiring. The Unknown Anzacs is a legacy to be proud of a book for all Australians.

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