Jewish Anzacs Book by Mark Dapin
  • Jewish Anzacs Book by Mark Dapin

Jewish Anzacs Book by Mark Dapin


Jewish Anzacs by M Dapin


This Australian war book focuses on servicemen of Jewish faith that have influenced Australian military history. These interesting stories come from all wars with an emphasis on WW1 and WW2.

Over 7000 Jews have fought in Australia’s military conflicts, including more than 330 who gave their lives. While Sir John Monash is the best known, in Jewish Anzacs acclaimed writer and historian Mark Dapin reveals the personal, often extraordinary, stories of many other Jewish servicemen and women: from air aces to POWs, from nurses to generals, from generation to generation.

Weaving together official records and interviews, private letters, diaries and papers, Dapin explores the diverse lives of his subjects and reflects on their valour, patriotism, mateship, faith and sacrifice.

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April 2017
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234 x 153
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Soft Cover

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