Damien Parer Cameraman Brennan
  • Damien Parer Cameraman Brennan

Damien Parer Cameraman Brennan


Damien Parer Cameraman by N. Brennan


Australian Damien Parer filmed in Greece and in Syria, covering the action from aircraft, the deck of a ship and on the ground with the infantry. After Syria he travelled to Tobruk in August 1941 before covering the fighting in the Western Desert. By mid-1942 Parer was in New Guinea ready to cover the fighting against the Japanese. Together with war correspondent Osmar White, he undertook an arduous journey by schooner, launch and on foot from Port Moresby to Wau via Yule Island, Terapo and Kudjiru, in order to document the efforts of the meagre forces then fighting on the northern coast of Papua New Guinea.

During this phase of the war, he filmed some of his most famous sequences, some at Salamaua and, most notably, those used in
Kokoda Front Line!
. This documentary won its producer, Ken G. Hall, an Academy Award for documentary film-making.

Parer was killed on 17 September 1944 by Japanese gunfire while filming a United States Marine advance in Palau on the island of Peleliu.

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