Battle Milne Bay Bougainville WW2 - Signals Section Member - Book

Battle Milne Bay Bougainville WW2 - Signals Section Member - Book


The Last Don R of J Section 7 Brigade Signals memories of an Aussie Digger 1942 - 1945 by R H Mortensen

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This book records the valuable recollections of a signals dispatch rider during World War II. Eric Mortensen enlisted in the Australian Militia in 1940. He would go on to fight in the jungles Milne Bay and Bougainville as a Don R (WW2 code for dispatch rider).

A Don R would use any means possible to deliver their dispatches from the front line infantry battalions - in this case the 9th Battalion, 25th Battalion, 61st Battalion. Invariably BSA motorcycles were used or four-wheel-drive jeeps.
This book contains an amazing quantity of photographs of the battle locations. Together with the detailed narrative provides the reader with a clear indication of life as a dispatch rider and indeed a any soldier on the front lines during the Milne Bay and Bougainville campaigns.
Numerous veterans are photographed and named throughout the book.


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