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Brother Digger - The Australian Sullivan Brothers

Brother Digger by P Shaw

Brother Digger The Sullivans 2AIF ' by Patricia Shaw . The war history of the five Sullivan brothers from Toowoomba, Queensland. All served in the 2 AIF in almost every theatre of war : North Africa Benghazi Bolzano Fall Singapore Changi Burma Railway Milne Bay Bougainville German POW Papua. This is their story. Many drawings and printed photos from period.This first edition hardcover was written by Patricia Shaw, and published in 1984, there are 174 pages, plus 12 pages of photos, the book is excellent as new condition......

Jack joined at 26, Steve at 24, Eugene at 21, Frank at 20 and Vic at 18. They were unprepared for the brutality and horrors they were to witness. Their close knit family at home father Jas, mother Sylvia, five sisters and one younger brother, was unprepared for the continues sense of dread and fear of news....In this book, four of the brothers (Jack died in 1969) recall for the author their experiences. These are their own words as they recount the fighting, the hardships, and the mateships, the MISERY of the Stalags and the HORRORS of Changi and the Burma Railway. Patricia Shaw has not attempted to dilute their often tough opinions of both their enemies and the allies, but they are unstinting in their praise of the honest and the brave. Throughout all they retain their humour and the will to survive and return to the Toowoomba of their memories.....

The greatest strength of this book lies in its veracity. These are simple countrymen who went to war, and made it home again against all odds. But they wish to make it clear that, to them, war is not about glory, it is about death....

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