Hunting Hitler Collection Set includes all episodes and the new FINAL CHAPTER

Hunting Hitler Season 1&2&3 + New Feature Huge 19+ Hour Did Hitler Survive WW2


Hunting Hitler Season 1&2&3 + new Feature The Final Chapter 8x DVD Discs


Hunting Hitler Did He Escape? 8x DVD Discs


History Channel Docos Collection of 25 documentaries (Total duration 18+ hours 8x DVD Discs) investigating whether Adolf Hitler escaped during World War II. Did he escape?

Armed with the most cutting edge technology and newly (2014-2019) released FBI files the ex-CIA team will approach this case like no other investigation.

What CIA veteran investigator Bob Baer and his expert Team find will astound you - among the revelations, plans to drop a nuclear bomb on Manhatten, routes that thousands of NAZI followed to South America, aided by the Catholic Church Spain and other Nations, the extent of large NAZI communities in several South American countries. Secrets from declassified documents reveal a path of deception, cunning plans laid down by Hitler to enable the Reich to prosper after the fall of Nazi Germany in 1945.

Documentaries are;
The Hunt Begins.
Secret Nazi Lair
Escape from Berlin
The Tunnel Rat Lines
Hitler's Safe House
Friends in High Places
Hitler's Plane

Season Two Documentaries are;
The Hunt Continues
The Compound Eyewitness Accounts
The Web
The Factory
Unmarked Grave the Nazi Colony
The Secret Island

Season Three Documentaries are;
Anatomy of a Manhunt
The Final Hunt Begins
Clandestine Cache
Nuclear Nazi Weapons
150 Feet Below
Dead Drops
Lurking Beneath the Surface
Target: United States
Hitler's Last Will Click

And the new feature length 2020 episode - The Final Chapter

In three seasons of Hunting Hitler, Bob Baer’s investigation proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Hitler could have successfully fled Germany after the war and disappeared into South America. But the investigation also produced a more unexpected discovery: startling evidence that a 4th Reich was successfully mounting on South American soil with one central goal – a devastating attack on the United States. HUNTING HITLER: THE FINAL CHAPTER is a feature-length special that puts Bob back in the war room to investigate the true scope of Hitler’s 4th Reich plans, and explore how the Nazis infiltrated and specifically targeted America after World War II.

 Duration Time Minutes: 1100+ minutes 8x DVD Discs
DVD Information: Australian Region 4 -
DVD Release Date: 2015-21
Special Features: Includes the New feature - THE FINAL CHAPTER
Movie Format: 16:9 Aspect - PAL Format -

DVD Comment: This DVD is brand new, supplied in factory plastic seal. This DVD is sourced from the Australian Distributor. Made professionally!

Data sheet

Publication Date:
Oct 2018
Special note:
This DVD is brand new, supplied in factory plastic seal. It has been sourced from the Australian Distributor. Made professionally!
DVD Information:
Australian Region 4
DVD Duration Time minutes:
19 hours 8x DVD Discs
Movie Format:
16:9 Aspect - PAL Format - DVD
DVD Release Date
October 2021

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