Generals at War WWII Rommel Model Montgomery
  • Generals at War WWII Rommel Model Montgomery

Generals at War WWII Battle Of Singapore Midway Bulge El Alamein


Generals at War DVD

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In this series the documentary examines indepth individual battles. It reinacts the battle comparing thoughts and alternatives available to the key Commanders (Generals) during the battles. At least three of the Battles studied were very important to Australians - Singapore El Alamein and Midway. The battles featured include - Singapore, El Alamein, Kursk, Stalingrad, Midway and The Bulge - are key turning points in the progress of the war, and the generals featured include some of the most charismatic military leaders of all time: Rommel, Model, Montgomery, Chuikov, Yamashita and Von Manstein.

One of the best on the overall Fall of Singapore battle See end of trailer...
The experts investigation team includes well known military history identity Andy Robertshaw Digging Up Trenches, Two Men in a Trench and Time Team. He was also a military advisor on the film War Horse.

6 Episodes, 2 Discs.

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