Australian Navy HMAS RANKIN 6 part DVD Military Documentary
  • Australian Navy HMAS RANKIN 6 part DVD Military Documentary

Australian Navy HMAS RANKIN 6 part DVD Military Documentary


Submariners - On Board HMAS Rankin - DVD 2 Disc


Experience life aboard the HMAS Rankin the newest of Australia's Collins Class submarines in this intriguing new six part documentary series, as she undertakes a journey from the West Australian coast to the waters of Korea, Japan and Hawaii. After the political storm and disastrous national headlines surrounding the launch of the Collins Class, Submariners introduces us to one of the Navys finest young crews, all of whom share a fraternal bond and dedication to conquer the Collins Classs notorious reputation as a Dud. Granted unprecedented access that blurs the lines of National Security, Submariners takes you deep inside the HMAS Rankin, exposing the lives and pressures faced by her crew, both men and woman, as they live and work within the claustrophobic corridors and isolation of a submarine. As the Rankin silently runs the dark waters of her international journey, the crew are challenged to the best of their abilities as they participating in a deep water rescue exercises before undertaking intense and exhaustive cat-and-mouse maneuvers against the US Navy in the lead up to RIMPAC: the worlds largest naval war games. SUBMARINERS is a fascinating look at Australias newest high-tech military asset while her dedicated crew will inspire with their camaraderie and indomitable Australian spirit.

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Australian Region 4
DVD Duration Time minutes:
156 minutes 2 disc 6 part documentary
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4:3 Aspect - PAL Format - DVD - Colour

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