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KRITHIA Gallipoli Battleground Series book

KRITHIA Gallipoli Battleground Series

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KRITHIA Gallipoli Battleground Series
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The book cover is the famous Australian painting depicting the Australian 2nd Brigade advance at Krithia. The fire being suffered by the Australians was shocking, with troops putting shovels in front of them for protection. At one point, Brigade Commander General McCay got up out of the trenchers, urged the troops forward.

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Late in the afternoon of 8 May 1915, at half an hours notice, the Australian and New Zealand troops received orders to attack the village of Krithia to the south of the Anzac area. Moving across a thousand metres of open plain against intense fire the attackers lost over a third of their number. The cover, depicts a landscape scene of the 2nd Infantry Brigade leaving Tommy's Trench to cross No Man's Land towards the Turkish village of Krithia, urged on by the Brigade Commander General McCay. Krithia can be seen in the background.

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