Soviet T-34 Tank in German Wehrmacht Service

Panzerkampfwagen T 34 The Soviet T-34 Tank in German Wehrmacht Service 1941-45

Panzerkampfwagen T 34 - 747(r): The Soviet T-34 Tank as Beutepanzer and Panzerattrappe in German Wehrmacht Service 1941-45 by Jochen Vollert
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A serious book for the T34 / Panzer enthusiast. The book is an authoritative reference on captured T-34s in German Service. During course of WW2 around 500-600 vehicles were captured and put into frontline operations by the Nazi armoured and infantry units. It's interesting to reflect that in numbers that makes the captured T34s as of important to the Germans as the Tiger I, Tiger II, Jagdpanther and Nashorn tank destroyers.

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