Stalingrad City On Fire by  Alexey Isaev
  • Stalingrad City On Fire by  Alexey Isaev

Stalingrad City On Fire by Alexey Isaev

Stalingrad City On Fire by Alexey Isaev

A fresh look at what is perhaps the most famous battle of the Russo-German War from the Soviet perspective. It offers a thought-provoking revised view of events for readers already familiar with the story, and a fascinating introduction for those coming to it for the first time.

Much has been written about the Battle of Stalingrad, the Soviet victory that turned the tide of the Second World War. Yet our knowledge and understanding continues to evolve, and this engrossing account by Alexey Isaev brings together previously unpublished Russian archive material—strategic directives and orders, after-action reports, and official records of all kinds—with the vivid recollections of soldiers who were there, on the front lines, reconstructing what happened in extraordinary new detail.

The evidence leads him to question common assumptions about the conduct of the battle—about the use of tanks and mechanised forces, for instance, and the combat capability and tenacity of the defeated and surrounded German Sixth Army in the last weeks before it surrendered. His gripping narrative carries the reader through the course of the entire battle from the first small-scale encounters on the approaches to Stalingrad in July 1942, through the intense continuous fighting through the city, to the encirclement, the beating back of the relieving force, and the capitulation of the Sixth Army in February 1943.

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