MARTIN BORMANN Hitler’s Executioner

MARTIN BORMANN Hitler’s Executioner

MARTIN BORMANN Hitler’s Executioner by Volker Koop
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Koop details the meticulous rise of Bormann to his position as Hitler’s right hand man. It convincingly argues that Bormann can be considered the second most powerful man in the Reich (while other more infamous names might more readily come to mind). Koop’s use of correspondence and newly discovered archive materials add to the personal examination of Bormann the individual and lend new insight that expands the existing historical record.

Born on 17 June 1900, Martin Ludwig Bormann became one of the most powerful and most feared men in the Third Reich. An obsessive bureaucrat, it was Bormann who helped steer Hitler’s apparatus of terror so effectively that he became the clandestine ruler of Nazi Germany. After joining the Nazi Party in 1927 Bormann rose through its ranks. Indeed, by July 1933 Bormann had manoeuvered himself into the position where he became the Chief of Cabinet in the Office of the Deputy F hrer, Rudolf Hess. In this role Bormann gradually consolidated his power base, so that when Hess carried out his infamous flight to the United Kingdom in 1941, Bormann stepped into his shoes. As the head of the Party Chancellery, Bormann duly took control of the Nazi Party. By the end of 1942, he was in effect Hitler’s deputy and his closest collaborator.

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