Dresden Bombing 13 February 1945

Dresden Bombing 13 February 1945

Dresden Bombing 13 February 1945 by F Taylor
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At 9.51 p.m. on Tuesday 13 February 1945, Dresden's air-raid sirens sounded as they had done many times during the Second World War. But this time was different. By the next morning, more than 4,500 tons of high explosives and incendiary devices had been dropped on the unprotected city.

At least 25,000 inhabitants died in the terrifying firestorm and thirteen square miles of the city's historic centre, including incalculable quantities of treasure and works of art, lay in ruins. In this portrait of the city, its people, and its still-controversial destruction, Frederick Taylor has drawn on archives and sources only accessible since the fall of the East German regime, and talked to Allied aircrew and survivors, from members of the German armed services and refugees fleeing the Russian advance to ordinary citizens of Dresden.

By 1944 the combined Anglo-American air forces were massive. In December of that year Bomber Command had at its disposal 1,513 bombers (it would reach 1,609 by April 1945). The Eight U.S. Army Air Force now had 1,826 bombers, with hundreds of new aircraft being produced every month… During the course of 1944 the balance of power in the air had changed even more dramatically than that on the ground. The sheer quantity of new aircraft and trained air crew – particularly American – would alone have guaranteed such a shift.

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