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Hitler’s Boy Soldiers - New Book

Hitler’s Boy Soldiers - New Book

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Hitler’s Boy Soldiers How My Father’s Generation Was Trained to Kill and Sent to Die for Germany by H Munson
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During World War II, the Nazis trained some three hundred thousand German children to fight—and die—for Hitler. The author's father, Hans was just one of those boy soldiers. Sent to an elite school for the gifted at nine years old, he found himself in the grip of a system that substituted dummy grenades for Frisbees.

By age seventeen, Hans had shot down Allied pilots with antiaircraft artillery. In the desperate, final stage of Hitler’s war, he was sent on a suicide mission to Závada on the Sudetenland front, where he witnessed the death of his schoolmates—and where Helene begins to retrace her father’s footsteps after his death.

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