Blood on Borneo Aust Z Force AGAS1 by Sue book

Blood on Borneo Aust Z Force AGAS1 by Sue


Blood on Borneo' by Jack Wong Sue DCM used book

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Blood on Borneo' written by Jack Wong Sue DCM .
Aust Z Force AGAS1 operations Borneo death marches Sandakan Ranau Kuching. Agas 1 operation involved 7 operatives clandestinely inserted by the US submarine ' Tuna " behind Japanese lines into the midst of 7000 Japanese combat troops. During that time they witnessed brutalities carried out against our POW by Japanese . The Japanese would stop just short of murder and preferred to watch POWs slowly die. In the Sandakan Camp  three cages bore evidence of slow horrific deaths.
Plenty of concise details and great printed photos /maps.

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Used book -but only slight shelf wear to boards otherwise near new
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150 x 210 x 20
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Soft Cover

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