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Timor 1942 Australian Commandos WW2 Wray book

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Timor 1942 Australian Commandos at War with the Japanese by C Wray

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Ahead of the Japanese onslaught in the early days of World War II a small Allied contingent composed mainly of Australians and codenamed Sparrow Force was dispatched to occupy the island of Timor. This small force was overwhelmed by the massive Japanese invasion.


Remnants of the main part of Sparrow Force retreated eastwards and eventually joined the 2/2 Australian Independent Company which had been sent to secure the colony of Portuguese Timor what is now known as East Timor.

Faced with further Japanese troop landings, the 2/2 Australian Independent Company made an orderly retreat into the mountainous interior of East Timor from where over the subsequent months they conducted an unremitting and highly successful guerrilla war against the Japanese.

This well-known book, was written largely from eyewitness accounts and is the exciting true story of that campaign.

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