History Imjin River 1951 Korean War Book
  • History Imjin River 1951 Korean War Book

History Imjin River 1951 Korean War Book


Imjin River 1951 Last stand of the 'Glorious Glosters' By B Drohan

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This Korean War Battle was fought in conjunction with the Australian Battle of Kapyong 23- 25 April 1951 and thus is of interest to Australian researchers.

 After China's November 1950 intervention in the war and the subsequent battle of the Chosin Reservoir, UN forces faced a new onslaught in the spring of 1951, with over 350,000 veteran troops attacking along the Imjin River. The US 3rd Infantry Division took the brunt of the attack along with the attached British 29th Infantry Brigade (officially styled the 29th British

The heroic defense of the American and British forces would pass into legend, most especially the doomed effort of the Glosters, as they sought to buy time for the rest of the UN forces to regroup and organize an effective defense of Seoul, the South Korean capital city. Featuring full color commissioned artwork, maps, and first-hand accounts, this is the compelling story of one of the most epic clashes of the Korean War.

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