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Let the Bastards Come Battle Kapyong Korean War Book

Let the Bastards Come Battle Kapyong Korean War Book

Let the Bastards Come The Battle for Kapyong Korea, 23-25 April 1951 By D Cameron
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Fewer than 1,000 Australians mainly from 3 Royal Australian Regiment's (3 RAR) and Canadian infantrymen, supported by New Zealand artillery and 15 American Sherman tanks fought off an entire Chinese Division of over 12,000 men and contributed significantly to defeating the great Chinese August offensive.

The Battle of Kapyong was fought during a heavy downpour in mountainous terrain, with Chinese units infiltrating the Australian 3 Royal Australian Regiment's (3 RAR) lines which extended for seven kilometres. Given the small number of men involved and the long defensive line, several strong points were quickly established. The Australians almost alone, but with support from New Zealand gunners and some American tanks, for the first 24 hours held back the Chinese and were at times surrounded by large numbers of Chinese who launched ongoing human wave attacks against their isolated positions — but the line held with Australians leading bayonet counter charges against the Chinese. Within 24 hours, Canadian troops were committed to the battle and for 12 hours also faced significant attempts by the Chinese to surround their position – they too held their ground. The Battle of Kapyong was truly a decisive battle of the Korean War, and for their heroic actions during the Battle of Kapyong, the Australian and Canadian infantrymen and American tankers were awarded a rare US Presidential Unit citation.

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