Badges of the British Army 1820 to 1987

Badges of the British Army 1820 to 1987


BADGES OF THE BRITISH ARMY 1820 to 1987' by F. Wilkinson - new book

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This book is a collectors reference to BADGES OF THE BRITISH ARMY 1820 to 1987' book by F. Wilkinson. Medal and badge collectors in Australia often come across British Army badges at auctions, military fairs, ebay etc. Who, what when used these badges? How did they come to Australia?
It was common for Diggers, to collect hat badges from other units many were sewn onto display belts. Others were brought to Australia by emigrants. One thing is for sure, it's always great to identify what is in your hand. Items connected with the British military have always been extremely popular with collectors, and the intricate and beautiful badges made to denote a soldier's regiment have always been keenly collected, due to their small size, high quality and the fascinating stories of military that lie behind each one.
The British army cap badge really came into being around the turn of the twentieth century, with large badges intended for the blue cloth helmets then in use. Later badges became smaller, and materials changed, as headgear became smaller, and new manufacturing techniques took away the laborious daily cleaning that was a part of every soldier's routine for most of the century.
this book id's all British Army for cap,collar,waist,belt and hat.
(note there is a different book the mounted troops- the Green Book for
Cavalry Yeomanry Badges)

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