Australians Awarded War Medals, Military & Civil Awards

Australians Awarded War Medals, Military & Civil Awards


Australians Awarded 2nd Edition by C. Johnson - new book

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Australians Awarded 2nd Edition



Australians Awarded, is regarded as the complete reference and standard guide to all Australian Military and Civilian Decorations and Awards issued between 1815 and 2007. Virtually doubled in size from the 1st edition. An astounding achievement, now includes over 700 pages of detailed information in full colour, printed on laminated paper. Not only is this the first and last book any collector of Australian war or civil medals requires, it's superbly presented. Many badges are also represented.
Australians Awarded is a concise and comprehensive guide to Military and Civil Decorations, Medals and other Awards from 1815 to 2014. The book contains comprehensive listings of the types of awards and winners details for: British Military Medals - pre 1901; Australian Armed Service Military Medals - post 1901 Army Navy and Air Force; Colonial Civilian Decorations - pre 1901; Australian and State Government Civilian Medals - post 1901; Popular Awards of special interest from Institutions; Foreign Medals awarded to Australians; All military medals and other awards of commercial value are at current market (2014 estimated) rates. 

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2nd Edition
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200 x 270 x 45
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Heavy Pictorial Hard Boards

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