JOMINI’s LIFE OF NAPOLEON Volume 3 by Baron Jomini.
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The name of the author, Baron Jomini, should be familiar to every 19th century military reader. As a writer on strategy and the tactics of battles, or the application of military science to the practical operations of the campaign and battlefield, he had few equals.

His works have long been studied and read as textbooks by military students of every country. Prior to the American Civil War, the translated writings of Jomini were the only works on military strategy that were taught at the United States Military Academy at West Point.

His ideas permeated the Academy and shaped the basic military thinking of its graduates. The regular army officers who became the general officers for both the Union and the Confederacy in the Civil War began by following Jominian principles. His ‘Life of Napoleon’, though less of a technical character than most of his other works, is regarded as his masterpiece.

This Volume includes;

Content Volume III
CAMPAIGN OF 1809 IN AUSTRIA; From the Declaration of War by Austria to the Treaty of Vienna.
CAMPAIGN OF 18009 IN SPAIN; From the Assault of Oporto to the Siege of Gerona.
CAMPAIGN OF 1810 IN SPAIN; From the Siege of Gerona to the Lines of Torres Vedras.
CAMPAIGN OF 1811 IN SPAIN; From Soult’s Capture of Badajos to its recapture by Wellington.
CAMPAIGN OF 1812 IN RUSSIA; Part I: Advance to Moscow

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