The Fall of Singapore 90 Days by Corfield book

The Fall of Singapore 90 Days by Corfield


The Fall of Singapore 90 Days: November 1941-February 1942 by J J. Corfield R S. Corfield


Fall of Singapore



This Australian book records concise details of the day-by-day history of the Malayan Campaign and the Fall of Singapore from the first alerts as the British prepared to move their forces on to a war footing on 29 November, through the fighting, to the Japanese imposing their rule on the Chinese in Singapore on 26 February - a total of 90 days. For each of the 90 days, all the major developments - military and political - are detailed along with information on every Allied soldier who died on that day. As such it is the first book that demonstrates the nature of the fighting each day - with intense battles followed by days of relative inactivity. With the Malayan Campaign and the Fall of Singapore symbolising the end of British power in Southeast Asia, and also the beginning of the end of the British Empire, this book draws from army war diaries, published histories of the campaign, biographies and autobiographies of people involved, and family stories, as well as visiting most of the places connected with the conflict.
Accompanying the text of this large book is a huge quantity of maps and illustrations, including many provided by families and never before published.
This book is a serious study of the Fall of Singapore and would be high interest to all researchers of this Battle including family historians learning about their forebears who would become POW after the Fall.

There are several named lists of ships company, for example HMS Prince of Wales , HMS Repulse, Empress of Asia

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