Australians at the Battle of North Africa Deserts Bardia

Australians at the Battle of Western Deserts Capture Tobruk No 2


Western Desert Campaign 1940-41 by Glenn Wahlert

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Battles Covered include Bardia, Capture of Tobruk, Dernia, Mechili, Benghazi, Barce, Beda Fomm. This Australian Army history is excellent for the overall perspective of the Battles includes, aircraft descriptions, weapons , soldier uniform profile , Commander Bios - Blamey Chilton 2/2 Battalion, Dougherty 2/ 4th Battalion, Eather 2 1st Battalion, Gullett 2 6th Battalion, Mitchell 2 8th Battalion.

While the North African campaign has been studied in detail over the years, much of this study has been dedicated to the battles between the British 8th Army and Rommel’s Afrika Korps.

There has been little serious study of Wavell’s campaign against Italian forces in 1940-41, nor of the role played by the Australian 6th Division in the eventual Italian defeat. Many Italian units showed incredible bravery, and the Australian assaults on fortress towns such as Bardia were far from a walkover.

Today’s aspiring military commanders need look no further than the early Western Desert campaign for historical examples of brilliant leadership, detailed planning, deception, surprise, manoeuvre warfare and relentless pursuit, all against overwhelming odds.

This book is part of the Australian Army History Unit's Campaigns Series; well-researched, comprehensive and easy-to-read books on Australia's military campaigns.

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