Aussie Soldier Prisoner of War POW by Neave and Smith book

Aussie Soldier Prisoner of War POW by Neave and Smith


Aussie Soldier Prisoner of War Prisoner of War by D Neave, C Smith

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This collection of heartfelt stories and anecdotes from Australian POWs will take you on their very personal journeys. Almost 35,000 Australian service personnel were taken prisoner during the Boer War, World War 1, World War 2 and the Korean War. Aussie Soldier: Prisoners of War is a collection of the stories of our Australian POW’s. Interviews, questionnaires, written records, images and letters provide an insight into captivity and the joy and fears that came with their release. For many POWs their struggles would not end with their long hoped for return to Australia and their families. For some the long term effect on health both physical and mental, would affect them and their families for years to come.

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