The Dunera Affair A documentary resource book
  • The Dunera Affair A documentary resource book

The Dunera Affair A documentary resource book

The Dunera Affair A documentary resource book by P R. Bartrop & G Eisen

In the dark days of 1940, when Britain stood alone facing the might of Nazi Germany, a panic measure was adopted which saw the internment of nearly all the 75,000 Germans and Austrians who had earlier fled Nazi oppressions and come to the United Kingdom as refugees.  Faced with the enormous security problems this presented, the British government enlisted the aid of its overseas Dominions in taking some of the internees off Britain's hands.  One transport, the first of several projected, was dispatched to Australia.  It was the Hired Military Transport (HMT) Dunera.
"The voyage of the
Dunera  has been related several times previously; this book, a compilation of original documents and photographs collected over several years, is the first time the experience of the internees has been told by them, in their own words.
"The book also explores the role of the British and Australian authorities, and reproduces official documents from government archives which show that while Australia was happy to act as jailers for the British, they were far from enthusiastic about the internees remaining once the British government decided that their release could be authorised.
"The story of the
Dunera  affair is not only fascinating, but also instructive.  It shows how governments, in time of strain, can hastily adopt measures without fully thinking through the consequences.  This book also shows how the internees, confronted by an impossible situation, rose above their condition to establish a remarkable Central European community in the Australian outback.

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