Back To Bangka Australian Nurses Massacre Nurse Elmes

Back To Bangka Searching for the Truth About A Wartime Massacre by J Baird

After the Fall of Singapore in 1942, 65 Australian nurses try to escape on the ship Vyner Brooke. Within days the vessel is sunk and the surviving nurses found themselves washed up on Radji Beach Bankga Island. They were captured, raped then murdered by Japanese soldiers in what came to be known as the Bangka Island massacre. Now, in this book the story of one of those nurses "Bud' Elmes is told by her family and a grand niece.

For further reading the following may be helpful

Bullwinkel (bio of Vivian Bullwinkel), 

While History Passed (written by nurse POW survivor Jessie Simons)

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Sisters in Captivity (2023 new book by Colin Burgess)

Captives by Catherine Kenny

Back to Bangka (2023 new book about nurse Bud Elmes)

Radji Beach by Ian Shaw

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July 2023

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