Carvings from the Veldt Dave George Book 1

Rifle Carvings from the Veldt Boer War Book 1


Carvings from the Veldt - by D. George

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More than three years research has gone into producing this book - the 'First Ever' publication that is dedicated to the large variety of carvings found on Boer War Rifles and Carbines.

The book features stock-art on Boer rifles as well as on British and Colonial rifles and carbines. There is also a chapter on rifles fitted with plaques and engraved escutcheons - such as presentation rifles and the sought after 'Plezier' Mauser (Pleasure or Sporting Mauser rifles that were popular with many Boer officers and also purchased by the more affluent Boers.)

The book contains over 320 photos and illustrations of which 310 are in COLOUR(covering rifles, carbines, stock-art, maps, badges, medals and illustrations). These photos cover a wide range, from very basic inscriptions to the highly artistic and ornate carvings, designs and decorations found on the stocks of these rifles. Comprising Mauser, Martini-Henry, Westley Richards, Martini-Metford, Martini-Enfield, Guedes, Mannlicher, Lee-Metford, Lee-Enfiled as well as a few other models of rifles and Carbines.

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