Carvings from the Veldt  Boer War Book 3

Carvings from the Veldt Boer War Book 3


Carvings from the Veldt Part Three - by D. George

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If you thought Carvings from the Veldt Book Two was a remarkable volume then purchasing Part / Volume 3 is a must.... jammed full with information about relics, mementos, over 290 more rifle carvings and stories from the Boer War.

What can we say....magnificent effort !


Description from the Book release.


Exceptional interest in Part One and Two of ‘Carvings from the Veldt’ has uncovered many additional carved weapons and much encouragement to embark upon a third ‘follow-on’ edition. This Third Volume has taken over 6 years to complete.


The soft covered book contains numerous images (most of which are in colour) of carved and engraved weapons.  This book is guaranteed to be of interest to a wide variety of collectors and military historians worldwide.
|The book is A4 size, soft cover and has 346 pages.

Data sheet

Book Condition:
Outer Cover on Book:
Soft Cover
Total Pages:
Publication Date:
released 2017
Dimensions in mm :
217 x 305 x 30

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