Carvings from the Veldt  Boer War Book 4

Rifle Carvings from the Veldt Boer War Book 4


Carvings from the Veldt Book 4 - by D. George

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After another five years of collecting photos and a huge amount of research, the author has "been and gone and done it" - again. Printed in full glossy colour like his previous three books in the series. This hard covered book features another 210 more 'carved and engraved' Rifles, Carbines and Handguns. The author also provides extreme detail about the carvings - locating info about the men who made these carvings onto their rifles. A fascinating trip back in time to the years and men of the Boer War. Importantly for researchers, the author has provided several index listings of men discussed and contributors. Boer war enthusiasts and medal collectors would consider this book a 'must have'.

The book contains 210 are in COLOUR (showing rifles, carbines, stock-art, maps, badges, medals and illustrations). These photos cover a wide range, from very basic inscriptions to the highly artistic and ornate carvings, designs and decorations found on the stocks of these rifles. Comprising Mauser, Martini-Henry, Westley Richards, Martini-Metford, Martini-Enfield, Guedes, Mannlicher, Lee-Metford, Lee-Enfield as well as a few other models of rifles and Carbines.

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Book Condition:
Outer Cover on Book:
Hard Cover
Total Pages:
209 - Large A4 Format
Publication Date:
2023 - 1st edition
1st edition Author Signed

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