New South Wales Lancers Boer War Nominal Roll

New South Wales Lancers Boer War Nominal Roll


The Featherbed Soldiers by NC Smith CV Simpson : new book

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The Featherbed Soldiers - History of the New South Wales Lancers in the Boer War 1899-1902. The most comprehensive study yet about the subject. The New South Wales Lancers were the NSW Colony's 1st Contingent sent to the Boer War. All men researched in detail. With Nominal Roll and detached map of Boer War operational areas.
A valuable research tool for Family History, genealogy, medal collectors and professional Boer War  researchers.

Data sheet

Book Condition:
Total Pages:
Publication Date:
1st edition Author Signed
Dimensions in mm :
190 x 250 x 8
Cover Type:
Stiff Card Boards Printed Laminate
Nominal Roll ? :-
Has a full member roll

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