P40D Curtiss Kittyhawk A29 RAAF Snub Nosed book

P40D Curtiss Kittyhawk A29 RAAF Snub Nosed


Curtiss P-40 - Snub Nosed Kittyhawks by c Molesworth Osprey

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The P-40D, known as the Kittyhawk Mk I, and followed by the P-40E (Mk IA), P-40F (Mk II), P-40K, M (Mk III) and the P-40N (Mk IV) were the snub nosed versions - the USAF knew them as War Hawks. There was a a major change between D models and E models in that the machine guns were increased from 4 to six guns.

This version become Australia's main defence Pacific area fighter of WW2.
841 saw service with the RAAF during WW2.

From March 1942, No 75 Squadron RAAF flew its Kittyhawks into operations over New Guinea.  During the war years, the Kittyhawks of Nos 75, 76, 77, 78, 80, 82, 84 and 86 Squadrons bore the brunt of the fighter air warfare roles. Many famous RAAF fighter pilots flew Kittyhawks, including "Bluey" Truscott who was killed in A29-150 in March 1943.   

The fighter was made in the USA. This book is a technical publication about the Kittyhawk n and is not dedicated to RAAF use although RAAF is mentioned in the book.
Please also see our DVD about the Kitty in Australia - Click to see DVD.

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